I have lived a thousand lives already

HD Video 4:3. Archival film footage

‘Every day I unbury—I dig up. I find relics of myself in the sand that women made thousands of years ago’ exclaims Louis in ‘The Waves’  (1931) by Virginia Woolf.

This narrative is repositioned as more-than-human, memories and musings of basaltic flows formed as part of volcanic activity thousands of years ago.

This work is part of ongoing research by Georgia Nowak & Eugene Perepletchikov into historical narratives stored in material and landscape. Fundamental to Victoria’s land and identity, the genealogy of basalt reveals a slow evolution - material becomes process within a mesh of geological and social systems.

The rhythms and ruptures of rock are animated by networks of energy flows. Like memory, material is coded through the movement of time, modulated and reconfigured, a restless sedimentation and flux that pulses through land and bodies, all entangled, never still.

ACMI Collections, Found Footage