Solo exhibition, Galeria Bałucka


The subjects pictured in this series all carry stories of survival from Lodz, a city once densely populated by Jews yet dislodged from stability with the outbreak of the Second World War.

The city is a defining aspect of their stories and has been carried with them throughout the years.  These pictures ask; Can a birthplace define you?

Memory, trauma and habits and can be seen carried through time and through place from Lodz, Poland to Melbourne, Australia.  Object, colour, images, memorial come together in the respective homes, defining the home to be more than just a place of belongings but rather a symbol of collective memories and a stage for Polish-ness.

The homes of the survivors are a diary of an era, their living rooms express a common-ness that is highly physical yet esoteric and intangible at the same time.  A translucent curtain can most commonly be seen as a backdrop, inadvertently separating the home and subject from the outside world and thus creating a sanctuary within, a place for lives to be lived and memories to be held.