HD three channel video, 29m12s

Time accelerates and land begins to shimmer with motion, it’s rhythms and ruptures animated by networks of energy flows. Like memory, material is coded, modulated and reconfigured;, a restless sedimentation and flux that pulses through land and bodies, all entangled, never still. Part of ongoing research into material history, Memory-work  reveals basalt in motion and traces trajectories of relations and transformations that continue to unfold.

The genealogy of basalt reveals a slow evolution; material becomes process within a web of complex systems, from geological activity to indigenous agriculture, colonial structures and socio-economic forces. From shaping the Victorian landscape to in-turn being reshaped by humans, basalt transmutes into foundations, iconic buildings and streets in the form of bluestone. Memory-work invites new readings of a familiar landscape and a space where new narratives can emerge; an all-together remembering. Project collaborator: Eugene Perepletchikov.

Exhibited: NGV Melbourne Design Week 2019, Jack’s Magazine & ADR Conference, MADA

Archival footage thanks to ACMI collections, NFSA and private collections inclulding Grace Macgugan